Filming At The Maerdy Hotel, 7-8th September 2012

Twitter had been rife with rumors that filming was taking place at a hotel near bridge-end. After a little bit on convincing i managed to talk my boyfriend into letting me go and see if i could catch any filming (for a change)

Friday 7th September

I left my house at 7am and went straight to my friend Kath’s. We headed over to near the location and then followed the pink signs before finally arriving at 9am. We had heard that Damien wasn’t going to be there but i was excited to see the other cast and crew anyway!


We took our perch on a wall outside the hotel and chatted to some of the crew members who were lurking around outside. We saw Phil Davies very briefly, he just walked past us and gave a quick glance. He was leaving and didn’t stop to speak to us which of course we would never expect. He is a little bit creepy even at a distance! Perfect to play creepy captain hatch.

Michael was there filming for the day. He came out regularly for a cigarette (He smokes a lot!) and every time he came out for a fag he came over and sat with us. He was very relaxed when it was just me and Kath there and he was really chatty bless him.

phone pics 266

We managed to get some pictures with Michael and had some lovely little conversations with him. About half way through the day 2 more fans pulled up just as Michael had come outside. They were extremely excited to see him and one told him he was “The sexiest werewolf on tele, besides Robson Green” which was hilarious!

phone pics 269

Filming finished at around 3pm and so the cast and crew packed up their things and left. We didn’t get to see any filming as it was all indoors.

Saturday 8th September

I knew Damien would be there Saturday as Michael had told us the day before, so i wanted to get there early to make sure we didn’t miss him! (I’d missed him on several occasions before by minutes) We got there are 8:30 and i saw him stood having pictures taken with a couple of guys at the location as we drove past. Once we had parked and walked over he had gone inside.

We cornered Ryan (3rd AD) for a picture as soon as we saw him! I had a to do list from my friend Becca and that was on there! Lol! The morning was quiet really, not a lot happened but we just sat patiently and chatted to the crew when we could. At around mid morning all of the main cast, Kate Michael and Damien came outside and waved to Kath and I. As they came out some of the bloggers turned up and called them over for a quick chat. It was cut short as they were called back to do some promo shots. We watched as they took the pictures that we all now know and love for about 15 minutes. It was wonderful to see the images being taken and this was the finished product.


They all went straight back in after. Lunch was called so i quickly asked Ryan if Damien would be out later as one of the local ladies wanted his signature but was too shy to ask. He said yes so we left them to have lunch as I’m sure they wouldn’t want us to watch them eat! When we walked back domino called me and as we were chatting Damien was pacing the wall outside that we had been sitting on. He pretended to point a gun and shoot at us! Lol! He was on a call too and then when he got off the phone he looked to us as if welcoming us over. I approached him, still on the phone to Domino and thought id grab an opportunity. I asked him if he would quickly say hello to domino and he seemed more than happy to do so. He took my phone and then continued to pace the wall whilst they chatted. He thanked her for running the forum and all her support. He also spoke to her about the flowers she had sent him during his time in Travelling Light. It was a lovely moment and Damien was a perfect gentleman. I could hear domino’s disbelieving cry’s from a meter away where i was stood! Once he had finished he passed me the phone back and was called straight back inside so we didn’t get time to speak to him.

A little while after this the local fan rejoined us. Her name was Emma and she arrived on her motorbike. We were sat chatting when Michael came out to speak to us. He asked if he could get on Emma’s bike and she was more than happy to let him. He put on her helmet and jumped on, she started it and started telling him how to ride it! The runner, Polly  was less than impressed. She was panicking and Michael was revving the bike. We did think at one point he was going to ride it away but he restrained himself and got off before Polly completely lost the plot!

Again the afternoon was quiet just little chats to the crew as and when we could. Kate was there too and came over for a little chat before her last scene and then when she left she said a quick goodbye. I was panicking towards the end of the day that i wouldn’t get to see Damien before i left! Director Phil had come over to say hello and i mentioned to him that i was worried i wouldn’t see Damien  I had to leave by 4pm and filming would finish long after that. Phil went on the hunt for Damien after asking if he’d been over yet! It was lovely of him to do that, he’s a genuinely lovely guy.

Damien came over and had a chat with the local fan Emma first. They talked about her friend and she got him to sign her cup. I asked him while i had the chance what did his signature actually say? He said it says Damien. M. I told him we were confused as his M’s look like F’s. He said “Yeh it doesn’t say dafief” pmsl! I said it looked maybe like it said Damo and he said “oh yeh! That would probably be better wouldn’t it!” haha bless him.

The local fan told him his accent was very sexy and that he should do audio books to which he said in a VERY sexy deep voice “Chapter one, page 3” then started giggling *thud*

We had a pic and i got a little hug out of him and then he asked if we would be coming again? We said yeh probably and he said ok then lovely to see you all and see you again soon!


We didn’t get to see any filming as such on these two days but it was lovely to interact with the cast and crew throughout the day who were as usual, lovely and accommodating even providing us with the odd cup of tea 🙂 xx


    • So did i lol! Luckily I wrote little notes on those days, writing up the full stories now is a good idea because otherwise ill totally forget everything within a year 🙂 xx

  1. Soooo cool. They are all such normal, down-to Earth people. And aaawww! Damien… what to say of such a treasure. 🙂

    • It’s so lovely on set, you can just sit and chill and occasionally chat with the cast and crew! So relaxed, I can’t imagine any other set being the same. Thanks for reading Hun! Xx

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